Classical Hatha Yoga
Andrew Baker
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FREE OFFERINGS: From mid August 2019 we shall be offering "Yoga for Health & Fitness" on Tuesdays and "Guided Meditations" on Thursdays, each at 5:15pm at Hamilton House: whether you or not you are experienced at yoga

Yoga  is  a  science.  Yoga  has  nothing  to  do  with  any  particular  religion.  As  there  are physical sciences to create external wellbeing, yoga is the science for inner wellbeing. 

One of India's most respected Yogis, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, has developed and released a comprehensive series of yoga programs through Isha Foundation.  These programs can be seen as simply a way of achieving health and fitness, or as a means of enhancing performance in day-to-day life, or they can take the student on a deep spiritual journey.
Hatha  Yoga  is  about  creating  a  body  which  is  not  a  hurdle  in  one’s  life.  The  body becomes  a  stepping  stone—not  a  hurdle,  not  a  roadblock—in  one’s  progress  of blossoming into his ultimate possibility.

“We teach Hatha Yoga as a transformative process. The transformation will not only be on the level of your body but in the way you are.” 
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