Classical Hatha Yoga
Andrew Baker
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We offer a comprehensive range of yoga courses, designed to ensure that you benefit fully from the classical and ancient science of yoga:

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Upa Yoga:   An introductory yoga, ideal for beginners, or as preparation for yogasanas

Hatha Yoga ("Yogasanas"): The classic "yoga" taught in the West

Yoga for Ultimate Fitness:   

        Angamardhana and Surya Shakti

Yoga for Spiritual Growth and Development, or to reduce stress:

Surya Kriya, Bhutta Shuddhi, Meditations, 'Om' Chanting and Bhakti

Yoga for Health:  Jala Neti

We also run specially designed programmes for:

  • Company executives and employees
  • Losing weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Children
  • Recovering from Illness or Operations

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